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The internet is a generous resource of online business ideas from which you can earn your income. You can put up an internet business that will enable you to gain your financial freedom working from home. What is important is to explore ideas that correspond to your lifestyle design to increase your chances of getting profitable results.Home Based Internet IndustryThe home based internet business industry is booming. More and more individuals are shifting to this industry considering the profitability and benefits. There are those who put up their business to earn additional income to their regular day jobs. Others set up their businesses as their main source of income. Either way, when done right, you can expect to earn profitably from a business that enables you to work at the comfort and convenience of your own home.Because the industry is thriving, it is wise to explore internet business ideas especially those that are suited to your lifestyle. Not all ideas are the same and therefore finding one that meets your preferences and requirements will give you a good head start in achieving your business goals. You see, all the resources are already available to you conveniently online. Choosing the things that you do best or are passionate about will surely bring you closer to your goals.Home Based Business IdeasTwo of the sure-fire ideas to bring you good money working from home are the following:1. Blogging for money – for whatever reason you have no idea what blogging is, it is short for web log, or content you publish on the internet. Search engines such as Google are partial to blogs because ideally, blogs contain regular updates. You must also understand that online users search the internet mainly for information as their solution.If you wish to make money from a blogging business, the most profitable way is to focus on a niche. Being specific with your market empowers you to present yourself as an expert blogger. Certainly, the niche to choose is something that you will have to love writing about or one sub-market that you have high interest and familiarity.What you need to know and realize about blogging is that you must have enough love for writing as you will have to produce regular content to maintain your readership. The key to make money from blogging and turn it as a profitable internet business is your readers. The more readers you have and the more engaged they are with your blog, the greater chances you can increase your income.2. Start an eBay business. From selling unnecessary home stuff on this auction site to running your own virtual store on eBay, it can give you profitable online business income. You just have to devote some time and hard work to establish your business on eBay, and in time, with the right marketing of your business, you will be able to enjoy unlimited income from it.You must realize that joining eBay does not make you an overnight success, but it is one of the more profitable internet business ideas you will ever encounter online. You have to choice to run your e-bay business with or without creating your own website. It can easily fit into your own lifestyle design.