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Nothing in life happens until you take action. You can talk all you want about something changing in your life, but nothing will change until you take action. You can complain, whine, moan and even cry about the circumstances in your life that you don’t like and that is all you’ll ever do until you DO something about it.I wrote an article earlier on this very subject. In this article I would like to share a personal experience on this subject that changed my life. It has to do with my first business venture. I grew up like most everyone else. I really had no mentors in my life, so everything I learned was the hard way. I was fortunate enough to have the ability to learn from certain experiences. One of the most important of these was to be able to step out in faith and put aside my fear and try something new. A trait I will forever thank God for.In the early nineteen eighties I was living in a very small logging community in northwest Montana. Things were tough economically to say the least at that time. It was in the spring of the year and all loggers are laid off at that time of the year. Things were lean. It was going to be some time before we went back to work at that time, so I applied for work with the forest service. I was very fortunate to get hired, and the wages were better than unemployment. I was hired to work on a road brushing crew. I packed a chainsaw around all day and cut brush from beside the logging roads. Then we piled the brush in piles up off the road. It was hard work, but I felt fortunate for the job. I worked with five other men on the crew.The first thing I noticed was that these men were not interested in working. They wanted to do as little as possible for their paycheck. This wasn’t the way I was raised to work. At that time president Reagan was new in office. One of the agendas he enacted at that time was the jobs bill. The U.S. Forest service had received a large sum of that money and they enacted a program to clear the brush from beside several hundred miles of roads in the forests of northwest Montana. All of the forest service crews had the same mentality as the one I was working on, do as little as possible for the paycheck. So the forest service decided to put a large amount of these roads out for bid to private contractors. They knew that private contractors would get more work done.I still remember when the crew I was working on heard about this decision. “Man a guy could make a lot of money!” That’s all I heard, all day long. They talked and schemed about how to bid the jobs, how to do the jobs and about all the money they could make. I listened to them talk about their ideas for a week. You know what happened? That’s right, nothing! Not one of them did anything with the plans that they had talked about for that week. They were like most people in life. They see an opportunity right in front of them and never take action to take advantage of that opportunity. Remember this; Opportunities don’t vanish, they just move to another person. And that one moved to me.I never talked about that opportunity with those men. I just quietly planned in my mind as I sat there in that work truck and as I cut brush with that chainsaw. In my spare time at night I worked on my bids. Two weeks later I was awarded my first bid. Two weeks after that I was awarded my second and third bids. One month later I was awarded my fourth bid. All I can say is, I saw the opportunity and I took action. Was I scared, yes I was. But I concentrated on the rewards, not the fear. I gained so much from that experience. Sure I made money, sixty thousand dollars in about a month and a half. But what I learned about myself was of so much more value! I conquered my fear and accomplished something that no one else in my family ever had. I learned that I didn’t have to stay where I was in life. I could change my circumstances and it all started with taking action.Opportunities are all around us. One is right here in front of you now. The question is what are you going to do with it? Are you going to talk and talk and talk about wanting to do something different with your life? Or will you be one of the courageous, and do something to change your circumstances? The choice is up to you, take action today to change your life. You can do it, we believe in you!Follow the link in our Author Box below and take action today for a positive change in your life!